Vegetables on the side

Green beans
Garlic-roasted green beans
Green beans with seed mustard

Grilled eggplant with chilli, mint and feta
Eggplant with oregano and white wine vinegar
Eggplant with red wine vinegar, honey and mint
Eggplant agrodolce
Caponata siciliana
Caponata di melanzane
Aubergines with tomato and cinnamon

Roasted vegetables
Roast peppers, garlic and walnuts
Roast pumpkin
Roasted fennel
Roasted asparagus
Beetroot roasted with orange and ginger
Slow-roasted Roma tomatoes
Rocambole potatoes

Other mediterranean
New year lentils
Spinach tians
Greens and chickpeas with yoghurt
Garlicky chickpeas
Peperoni alla Siciliana
Carpaccio di zucchini
Marinated mushrooms

Dry-fried beans
Stir-fried amaranth leaves with garlic
Lettuce with sesame sauce
Sesame green beans
The only legitimate use for brussels sprouts


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