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Corn, greens and tomatillo frittata

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Hi amigos. I’m back from living in Vietnam for seven months, and now on long service leave for a while. Hopefully I’ll have some tales to tell of both those things soon.

In the meantime, from a Melbourne home that is loud in turns with cicadas, night birds, and intermittent pounding storms, here is what I made for dinner tonight: a frittata of corn, herbs and tomatillo.

The tomatillos were a happy accident. I cooked the rest of the veggies for the frittata, tasted them, and thought they were a bit bland and needed something sour. Which was when I remembered that I had a bunch of grilled tomatillos sitting on the counter waiting to be made into a salsa. They went into the frittata instead and worked perfectly.

Corn, greens and tomatillo frittata

10 tomatillos, each about 2 cm diameter
3 cobs of corn
4 scallions
1 long red chilli
a few leaves of chard or silverbeet
1-2 cups of fresh herbs, leaves picked (I used coriander, parsley and mint)
6 eggs
100 g sheep feta, crumbled
zest of 1 lime
olive oil
salt and pepper

avocado smashed with lime juice, and a tomato salad, to serve

Cut the tomatillos in half, toss with olive oil and salt, and place under a hot grill. Grill them, tossing once or twice, until they are soft, spilling their seeds, and blackened around the edges.

Slice the kernels off the corn cobs. Slice the scallions fairly finely. Finely chop the chilli. Tear the chard leaves into pieces around an inch square. Finely chop the herbs.

Heat a large frypan over moderate heat, add olive oil, then the corn and scallions. Cook, stirring frequently, until the scallions have wilted and the corn is golden and catching a little.

Add the chard leaves, and continue stirring until they wilt down. Add the herbs, stir for a minute, then remove from the heat. Add the grilled tomatillos and any of their juice, and stir through.

In a small bowl, whisk together the eggs, then add the feta and lime zest, and season with salt and pepper.

Once the vegetables are no longer super hot, tip the eggs into the pan and stir so that the vegetables are evenly mixed through the egg.

Return the pan to a low heat, and cover with a lid. Let cook until it is just set. This will take different amounts of time depending on the size of your pan (and hence thickness of your frittata), the heat of the stove, etc. Keep an eye on it. Once it is almost done, I often put the pan under the grill to set the top. If you are fancy and coordinated you can flip it in the pan instead.

Once just cooked, remove from heat and allow to sit for a few minutes to settle. Serve with limey smashed avocado and a simple ripe tomato salad.

Serves 4.