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Composed plate of spring

We just had the perfect spring lunch: incredibly delicious, and about 10 minutes from feeling hungry to sitting down to eat.

For two:

1 bunch of purple sprouting broccoli, cut into 1-2 inch pieces
1 bunch asparagus, trimmed
half an avocado
a palmful of pine nuts
150 g good smoked trout
a lime

Put the broccoli and the asparagus into stacking bamboo steamer baskets, and steam over a pot of boiling water until tender – ours took around 5 minutes.

Peel the skin from the avocado half, and slice the flesh.

Toast the pine nuts in a small pan until lightly golden.

Flake the trout into large bite-size pieces.

Place the broccoli, asparagus, avocado and trout on a flat bowl in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Scatter the pine nuts over the top, and squeeze lime over everything. Eat.

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I would love this! Alas, although we seem to have identical tastes in food, we live in opposite hemispheres, so that I read all these delicious-sounding recipes on your blog but then can rarely execute them immediately because the ingredients are not in season. Ah well — spring will come one day 🙂 . I do have one question, though: the smoked trout I buy here in France is like smoked salmon (i.e. very thin, silky slices). What kind do you get that flakes? I wonder if I could find a substitute for it here.

Hey Preeta, I know the problem – I’ve spent the last six months seeing recipes for fresh tomatoes on blogs from the northern hemisphere, and knowing that I have months to wait before I can make them!

The flaking kind of smoked fish I get is hot-smoked salmon or trout. It comes in pieces about 1 to 4 cm thick, either as fillets or steaks. It’s less moist than the thinly-sliced cold-smoked stuff (which I also like a lot, but which is quite different). I know some people make it themselves, but I just get it from the deli or market, beside the cold-smoked salmon.

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