Two things

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

1. I have finally discovered the level of food blogging I am capable of these days: a one- or two-sentence description of what we do for dinner each night. Idea shamelessly stolen from the far more inspirational Redfox, who also blogs, you know, properly. Anyway, our dinner reports are being logged on the page linked in the sidebar labelled Eating notes.

2. I sliced off the tip of my index finger last night, cutting fennel on the mandoline in a hurry and not using the finger guard.  It HURTS.  Use the finger guard, dudes, it is there for a reason.  Thank heavens Miffy, trained medical professional, was in the house and willing to go beyond normal guest duties and dress it for me. Thanks Miff.

4 Responses to “Two things”

  1. redfox Says:

    1. I am deeply flattered. More importantly, your eating notes are really fun to read. Hooray.

    2. Ow. I have heard good things about the utility of a cutproof glove as a less-awkward substitute for the finger guard, but haven’t tried one myself. It sounds appealing, though. Heal quickly!

  2. Meg Says:

    Cutproof gloves! I’m imagining chain mail but it’d still be more appealing than our annoying finger guard. I will investigate and report back. Thanks for the suggestion and for many lovely food ideas over the years!

  3. Zoe Says:

    You know, I did the same thing – a little text box with my dinner in it each day. But then I found the twitter, on which there is a very vibrant food community. My “list” of food fancying people I follow can be checked out at

  4. Meg Says:

    But Zoe, the terror of new technology! (And the protective feeling I have about my last remaining minutes of free time per week!) I’ve made a twitter account (_letseat) and shall see what happens.