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Thai Wi-Rat

Tedster and I went out tonight for dinner in the Valley before going to see Frost/Nixon (excellent, by the way).  It was clearly an evening of all-round fantasticness, because the food was exactly what I was after too.

We had deliciously hot duck larb, crisp and cooling green pawpaw salad, and sticky rice.  It was perfect.  Food for two plus one beer was $33.  The rest of the menu looks good too – lots of things I’ll go back to try, like black pickled egg salad, and other things I may or may not work up the courage for, like steamed boneless chicken feet salad and spicy soup with ox liver and tripe.  Discovering this place has made me intensely happy – I have been searching Brisbane for good Thai ever since we got back.

The deets: Thai Wi-Rat, Thai/Lao food, 20 Duncan St Fortitude Valley, 3257 0884.

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I tried to go there the other night with a friend, but the queue was *out the door*. It really is very good. We went off and had Taro Duck at Dragon Inn, just down the bottom of the CT mall. Also very good.

It was only about half full when we were there, but there was a steady queue of people picking up take-away. I can totally understand why, I am already plotting to go back there as soon as possible.

I’ve had great noodle soups at Dragon Inn but will try the Taro Duck next time, that sounds delish.

hey meg, you’re back! even if it’s only for a bit 😉

wordpress is very easy to use, so who knows, maybe minus the handcoding you’ll blog a bit more… and mmmmm now you make me want some thai food for dinner…

Hiya Lil, not having to make up the RSS feed is definitely helping, and so is deciding that I don’t have to prepare photos. Ha, I just realised that by making those two changes my blogging experience has essentially returned to what it was 5 years ago! Just banging out a few paragraphs is definitely easier, so hopefully it will stick.

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