Pear and almond clafouti
Poached quince
Pot-roasted quinces
Quinces poached in muscat and spices
Quince clafouti
Blueberry cobbler
Apple crisp
Apple and cranberry crisp
Blackberry, apple and almond crumble
Oven-poached rhubarb
Honey-glazed pears
Greek lime halva cake in syrup
Wenda's lemon delicious
Orange syrup puddings
Almond and blood orange syrup cake

Beck's chocolate cake
30 minute chocolate tarts
Chocolate log

Lemon curd and mascarpone tartlets
Far Breton
Baked verjuice custard
Christmas pudding
Mutti's sticky date pudding
Judy's tiramisu
White chocolate cheesecake with cinnamon and lemon
Black rice pudding

Ice cream
Vanilla bean ice cream
White chocolate ice cream
Mascarpone and nutmeg ice cream
Vegan banana ice cream

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