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Kambi's - really excellent Lebanese. The vegetarian meze platter makes a good lunch for two - it includes hoummus, pita breads with haloumi, stuffed vine leaves, tabbouleh, salad, kibbe, spinach parcels and (really outstanding) cheese and mint parcels. It's about 8 per person, but filling and delicious. There are also vegetarian main courses, which I'll be going back to try soon. For more information than I can be bothered typing at the moment, check out this great review. Updated to add: although the food is great, don't go here if you require food in a hurry - you will almost always wait at least half an hour, generally more, for entrees. The service is, in many ways, execrable. 107 Western Road, 01273 327934. (March 2003)

Saucy - we went here with Joel one evening. He said it wan't up to its usual standard, but as far as I was concerned it was great. The sign outside describes it as 'Contemporary British Food', which made me think "oh god, not gourmet sausages and mash, please", but although that may be on the menu, there's also fantastic pasta (the vegetarian roulade is excellent), risotto, asian-inspired fish dishes, etc etc. 8 Church Rd Hove. 01273 324080. (April 2002)

Havana - very flash! We went here to celebrate when my first paper was accepted. There's a cocktail lounge at the front of the restaurant with a very nice drinks list (although Ted says, do not get a Moulin Rouge, it tastes rather like children's cough syrup). The food is a bit too stacked (give up the 90s already, please), but is delicious. The pumpkin and amaretti ravioli on spinach and goats cheese was very good, as was the pithiver of wild mushrooms. This was the night when Ted decided that actually he wasn't going to be a BSE-phobic vegetarian any more, he was just going to eat meat only at expensive restaurants where it was unlikely to be mechanically recovered. Ha ha ha, he got the osso bucco and found he can't deal with a half-kilo of meat sitting on a plate any more: it was delicious, apparently, but just a bit too much. All in all, an excellent evening, except for one gaucherie. Can you believe that on the inside cover of the menu, where they have the wanky bit about the restaurant's style, they use the phrase "our leisurely colonial past"??!! In Havana. Yeah, I bet slaves found it real leisurely working those sugar plantations, dickheads. I suggest that you watch your use of "our". 32 Duke St, The Lanes, Brighton. 01273 773 388. (May 2003)

Ha Ha bar and canteen. - The food is quite good and the chairs are comfy and it's perfectly possible to spend a long evening here with great enjoyment. (November 2001)

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