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f.east - 'Far East Pan Asian Restaurant' - sounds like a recipe for serving lots of cuisines, none cooked terribly well, but actually the food we had here was great. We were seduced in by the sign outside advertising laksas, which turned out to be available at lunchtime only. The noodle soup with vegetables and seaweed I had instead was delicious, full of flavour. Ted's stirfry was a lovely tasty pile of fresh vegetables. Tables large enough to share, perky young staff: imagine a smaller, lighter version of Wagamama. 27 High St, Bath BA1 5AJ. 01225 333500. (July 2002)

Hole in the Wall - According to other reviews I've read, this is Bath's most famous restaurant, it's won major awards, it shows sophisticated creative flair, etc etc. I don't see it. It's a nice comfortable little restaurant, with friendly and very competent waitstaff. Ted's caesar salad with fresh anchovies was nice, as was the homemade bread. However, if the leek and spinach soup is supposed to be tepid then it should say so on the menu, and the vegetarian cannelloni should be advertised as bechemel soup and served with a miniature net so diners can go fishing for the pasta. It wasn't dreadfully bad food, it just wasn't actually good, either. 16 George St Bath. 01225 425242. (July 2002)

Mai Thai - yummmm. This is a great Thai restaurant, the food looks and tastes lovely. The decor is also fairly impressive, with glass-topped carved wooden tables and chairs so heavy they're hard to move. Apparently there are lunchtime specials; we were there for dinner and it certainly wasn't terribly expensive. Highly recommended! 6 Pierrepoint St (near the station). 01225 445557. (July 2002)

Demuth's - vegetarian and vegan food. Cute little restaurant in a good location, the food looks stunning but unfortunately the taste doesn't quite live up to that promise. It was silly of me to order a laksa in the UK anyway, I guess. I should spam the nation: "hello UK! Will you embrace the use of chilli and spices please. Regards, Meg." And don't email me and tell me all about curry being the national dish either - I have yet to have my nose even tickled by a curry here, home of the dessert-flavoured korma (note: except for Rajpoot). Aaaaanyway... Oh yes, topic: Ted's mushroom bruschetta here was not bad. I would be happy to give Demuth's a second try, and order something non-Asian, next time I'm in Bath. North Parade Passage. 01225 446059. (July 2002)

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