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Thai Orchid - The best Thai in Brighton we've found so far! Everything was good. The tom yum soup is spicy and flavourful, and, unlike most examples of this dish in Britain, contains more than just mushrooms. I much prefer the tofu salad here to the one at Aumthong - the tofu in this one has not been fried until brittle, and again there are more vegetables involved, including cucumber, lovely ripe tomatoes and herbs, and the sauce is lemony and pleasantly mouth-puckering. The stir-fried tofu with chilli and basil is in a dark sauce, a little bit more heavy than I was expecting, but still good. However, the star for me was the vegetable green curry, which was dark green, not a pale coconutty soup like it often is, and full of varied vegetables and tofu. Some of those vegetables were cauliflower and carrot, and it is a measure of how good the cooking was that I didn't mind. Most vegetarian main dishes approx 5. They do takeaway. Open lunch 12-2.30, dinner 6-11, 7 days. 65 Preston St Brighton. 01273 32 32 24. (August 2003)

Aumthong Thai - Yum. It is so dangerous having this place nearby while trying to live on a budget. I'd be down there every week if I could. Best of the night were a very tasty red veggie curry and a tofu and herb salad with a lovely hot and sour sauce. Tom yum and tom kha were also well done and are served in very funky little bowls on top of burners. Curries about 5. The place is bigger than it looks - don't be put off if the front room is full, go in and ask for a table anyway. 60 Western Road. 01273 773922 There's also a slightly more flash version of this restaurant on the seafront. (April 2002)

Mai Ped Ped Ped - Thank you Dan and Alicia for causing me to try this place a second time! We came here in the first week it was open and weren't terribly impressed. But now that it's been open for a year or so things have certainly been sorted out. The green vegetable curry was excellent, with crisp vegetables and a nicely hot sauce. We were there with about 8 people, and everyone was happy with their meal. The service is friendly, the decor is clean and modern, and some of the plates and serving dishes are really gorgeous. Market St, the Lanes. 01273 737373. (February 2003)

The King and I - The King and I looks beautiful. It is quite small, but panelled with carved wood, with lovely hangings and carvings. The first time I went here, I wasn't that impressed - I thought the food was pretty bland. Next time I went, the waiter told chilli-phobic people at our table that they automatically prepare everything for English tastes, and that you have to ask for spice. Very useful information! Once you ask for it hot, the mushroom tom yum is pleasantly fiery, if not terribly subtle, and the red curry with mushrooms, tomato and rambutan is delicious. The bananas in coconut milk with sesame seeds for dessert are also great. Ship St. 01273 773390. (January 2003)

Thai Spice Market - Cute decor - the walls are lined with shelves holding big glass bottles of asian spices - and the waiters are very friendly and efficient. Unfortunately, the food is not really anything special. The tom yum has no kaffir lime leaves or lemongrass, it's just red liquid with mushrooms and an overpowering chilli taste. The green vegetable curry was not bad, but contained some really weird vegetables - cabbage, peas and carrot, for example. 13 Boyce's St, Brighton, BN1 1AN. 01273 325195. (September 2003)

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