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Rajpoot - very big thanks to Eric for taking us here! Rajpoot is the best Indian restaurant I've been to in the UK (admittedly, I've only really got Brighton to compare it to, but it's still something special). It's located in the high-ceilinged parlour of a Georgian house, and the food is as flash as the surroundings. Instead of the cookie-cutter menu of most Indian restaurants, they offer a more restricted selection of dishes, with the important corollary that every dish is done really bloody well. There are half a dozen vegetarian options - Ted loved the mushroom curry, but I would recommend the vegetarian jalfrazi, which is excellently spiced. Even the rice is cooked perfectly. I wish they'd move to Brighton. 52 Upper Belgrave Road, Bristol BS8 2XP. 01179 733515. (July 2002)

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