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Beck's chocolate mud cake

150gdark chocolate
1 cuphot water
0.3 cupwhisky or rum
2 cupssugar
1 teaspooninstant coffee
1.5 cupsplain flour
0.25 cupsself-raising flour
0.25 cupscocoa powder

Take the chocolate, butter, water, whisky, sugar and coffee, and melt and combine, either in the microwave or in a double saucepan on the stove. If you do it in the microwave, be careful not to overcook, or the chocolate will turn yucky. Allow the mixture to cool.

Sieve all remaining dry ingredients together, then gradually stir in the chocolate mix and beaten eggs. Sieve if lumpy.

Put in a round or square cake tin lined with Gladbake, and bake at 150C for 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 hours. Stand in tin for 15 minutes, then turn out onto rack and allow to cool. Sift icing sugar on top before serving.

Note You can put in more whisky and less water if you like: I usually put in at least half a cup of whisky, and have used up to a full cup.

Thanks to the lovely Beck Brown for this recipe, first presented to the world at the 1998 CRCTPP Choctober .

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