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Breads and pastry

Grant loaf
Focaccia al'olio
Garlic and parsley hearthbread
Cypriot bread with olives, haloumi and herbs
Spinach and olive bread

Wild mushroom and roast garlic sandwich

Relatively quick pizza dough
Aubergine, mozzarella and mint pesto pizza
Mushroom, leek and taleggio pizza
Potato and cheese pizza
Fennel and roast tomato stromboli
Deep dish pizza
Stuffed pizza with spinach

Tarts and galettes
Summer vegetable galette
Pumpkin and goats cheese galette
Barb's fabulous pastry
Warm tart of blue cheese and caramelised onions
Mushroom, spinach and parmesan tart

Sweet breads
Gubana - sweet easter bread
Hot cross buns

Herb scones
Zucchini, basil and pine nut muffins
Spinach, mushroom and chestnut filo pie with tomato and ginger coulis

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