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Fresh pasta

No cooking required
Keith's Murwillumbah pasta
Pasta with parsley, nuts and olives
Pasta with uncooked tomato sauce
Nigella's lemon linguine
Orzo with feta, lemon and mint
Bucatini with fresh and dried oregano

Cook the sauce while the pasta boils
Penne with zucchini and buffalo mozzarella
Pennette with zucchini and hazlenuts
Orecchiette with tomatoes and mushrooms
Orecchiette with tomatoes, chickpeas and chard
Orecchiette with greek yoghurt and green soy beans
Orecchiette with broad beans and ricotta
Orecchiette with purple sprouting broccoli and chickpeas
Cellentani with spinach, mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes
Cellentani with broccoli, pine nuts and gorgonzola
Reginelle with marinated goats cheese and asparagus
Farfalle with cavalo nero
Fettucchini with two-cheese sauce and pistachios
Tagliatelle with baby zucchini, lemon and basil
Spaghetti with olives, tomatoes and rocket
Spaghetti with olives, dried chillies and pangritata
Spaghetti with deconstructed pesto
Lazy but bloody good pasta sauce

Time for a nice glass of wine before dinner
Spaghetti alla puttanesca
Spaghetti vodka
Rigatoni with mediterranean vegetables and red wine vinegar
Penne with eggplant
Pennette with roasted aubergine and cherry tomatoes and buffallo mozzarella
Pappardelle with tomato, ricotta, and basil
Cellentani with leeks and gorgonzola
Fettuccine with pumpkin, sage and blue cheese
Pumpkin and spinach ravioli

Baked pasta
Barb's roasted vegetable lasagne
Aubergine and pesto lasagne
Pumpkin and spinach lasagne
Leonie's lentil lasagne
Lindell and Marcel's lasagne
Spinach and walnut cannelloni
Gnocchi with sun-dried tomato pesto
Gnocchi alla romana

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