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Rye toast with miso paste, avocado and tomato

Tim Ferguson, one of my flatmates in Bernard House, the first share house I lived in, introduced me to many good things, amongst them home made pesto, cocktail shaker-sized glasses of gin and tonic, and the false objectivity of the passive tense in scientific writing. Thanks Tim! He also used to eat this wonderful combination for breakfast. The miso is salty (and somehow good for you, I'm sure), the avocado and tomato are fresh and light, and they all combine well with the dark taste of the rye. This has made regular appearances on my breakfast menu for almost a decade now - trust me, it's good!

2 slices of rye bread, dark or light as you prefer
about a tablespoon of miso paste
half an avocado, mashed roughly so it's still a bit chunky
1 -2 ripe roma tomatoes, sliced thickly
freshly ground black pepper

Toast the bread. Spread a layer of miso paste over the toast - more than a scraping, but not too thickly. Cover this with a layer of the roughly mashed avocado, and then the slices of tomato. Grind a tiny bit of pepper over the top if you like. Cut each piece of toast in half (to make rectangles, not triangles! This only works with rectangles!). Eat at once.

January 2004

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