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Pistachio and rosewater balls

1/2 cupshelled pistachio nuts
1/2 cupblanched almonds, roasted lightly
1 cupicing sugar
about 3 tablespoonsrosewater

Put the pistachios and almonds in a food processor and process until finely ground. Add the icing sugar and process until combined. With the machine running, gradually add the rosewater until the mixture forms into a mass. Put the mixture into a bowl and knead lightly until smooth (this only takes 30 seconds). If necessary, powder your hands with icing sugar to stop sticking.

Break off small pieces of the mixture and roll them into balls (it helps to wash your hands a few times during this process). You can dust the top of each ball with icing sugar or press on edible silver leaf, or just leave them as they are. Refrigerate before serving.

Makes about 20 balls

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