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Erin's vegetarian wontons

50wonton wrappers
1/4 cupdiced onion
1/2 cupear mushrooms, thinly sliced (you can use whatever kind of mushrooms you like)
1 cuppeas
1 cupfinely diced carrot
2 teaspoonschopped coriander root
4 clovesgarlic
1 tablespoonseasoning sauce (can replace with more soy sauce)
1 tablespoonlight soy sauce
1 tablespoonflour
2 tablespoonspeanut oil
1egg, separated
1/2 teasooonpepper

Pound coriander root, garlic and pepper in a mortar and pestle. Fry in oil until fragrant. Add onion, mushrooms, peas and carrot. Cook till tender. Add soy sauce and seasoning sauce and mix through. Take off heat. Add egg yolk and flour and mix through. Cool.

Put one teaspoon of filling in each wonton wrapper. Pinch edges together into a bundle at the top, and stick closed with egg white if necessary. Place in a steamer, with a bit of space between each wonton - they can expand slightly when cooked and stick together if they touch. Steam for 15 minutes, serve immediately.

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